Jello Fruit Cocktail Dessert


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Jello?  Is it Bill Cosby dancing on the tv screen with a bunch of little kids?  Is it warm, long, and lazy days in the summer time?  The first thing that comes to my mind is the picture above :) 

I don't remember when I learned to make this or even who gave me the recipe for it, however I love making it because it only requires the two ingredients in the picture below.......

How awesome is that?! 

My kids LOVE this dessert.  Absolutely, positively <3 it.  And who wouldn't love it?  You have Jello and Fruit Cocktail and Whipped Cream, all combined into one ;)  Heck, you can even make it sugar free by using the sugar free Jello.  You can even try putting fresh fruit inside instead of the canned.  With most of us watching our weight these days, these are good options to have.  This is such a versatile recipe.   So if you have any left over Jello and Fruit Cocktail just sitting in your pantry, I invite you to go ahead and give this dessert a try.  Even better if you have little hands in the kitchen to help make it ;)

Jello Fruit Cocktail Dessert

(makes one big bowl)

1 small box (4 serving) of Jello Gelatin Dessert (could be any flavor...but we prefer Strawberry)
1 to 2 cups of Fruit Cocktail (or any other fresh fruit that you may have on hand)
Whipped Cream and Cherries for garnishing


Make Jello as directed on the box.  Before putting it in the fridge to thicken, add the fruit (juice and all).  Place in the fridge until Jello has thickened.  Garnish with whipped cream and a cherry on top ;)


  1. This looks like something my kids would love! I love your kids picture so cute!

  2. won't the fruit just sink to the bottom of the jello? :/

  3. actually floats to the top...from what I can remember :) At least it does for us ;)

  4. Thanks! I wasn't sure if the fruit would sink either. I haven't had this for about 20 years. I'm making it for my husband and I, now, for tonight.

    1. I hope it turned out well for you and the hubby ;)

  5. My school foods class says not to use fresh pineapple, as the chemical "bromelin" doesn't allow the jello to set. Just a tip


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