Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lodge Cast Iron Nation Cookbook Giveaway

Boy do I have a surprise for everyone today!

The wonderful people over at Lodge contacted me last month and 
asked if I would review their latest cookbook.
Let me tell ya why I love this company….
I did not own a skillet and was trying to figure out how 
I would be able to review the book without one.
Once the reps at Lodge found out, they were so generous 
that they actually mailed me my very own skillet along with
the cookbook!

How awesome is that?!
It was such a nice gesture on their part ;)  
I decided to make this wonderful recipe…
Husk Cornbread
It's similar to our family's cornbread recipe on the blog,
except Lodge's has bacon in it!
Bacon drippings and bacon bits…bacon, bacon, bacon!
I never would have thought to put bacon inside a cornbread
recipe.  The idea is genius!
We enjoyed eating this with a few tablespoons of 
butter slapped on the sides ;)

Now…let me tell ya about this cookbook…
If you own a cast iron skillet, you NEED to own this cookbook!
Heck, even if you don't own a cast iron skillet, go out, purchase
one, and then enter this giveaway!  

With 175 recipes and 250 pictures, it is a cast iron skillet lover's dream!

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book is 
that it tells the reader about the history behind the Lodge-Kellermann  
household name.  

The recipes paint a family picture with a beloved memory attached to 
each one.  Some even have tips and tricks attached also.   

Oh…and the food photography?
It's all just gorgeous! I can stare at those
pictures for hours…literally!
I feel very honored that I have had this opportunity to review this 
cookbook and the recipes inside.
Now YOU have an opportunity to win this cookbook as well!
Lodge will be giving away one FREE cookbook to 
a very lucky reader of this blog!

Step by step instructions on how you can win:
~You have FOUR chances to win this book.~

Step One (you must do one of these to enter):
1.  Follow Cooking With Libby on Facebook…click HERE.
2.  Follow Cooking With Libby on Pinterest…click HERE.
3.  Follow Cooking With Libby on Instagram…click HERE.
4.  Follow Lodge Cast Iron on Facebook…click HERE.

Step Two (you must do this to enter):
Leave a comment in this post telling me the following: 
Which way you chose to enter from up above AND your e-mail address so I can contact you should you win. 

**ONLY ONE COMMENT PER PERSON. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE MULTIPLE COMMENTS.  (Ex: comment number one "I followed you on Facebook"; comment number two "I followed you on Pinterest.").  IF YOU DO, YOU WILL ONLY BE ENTERED ONCE.

This contest will end on Tuesday, April 29th.
Good luck!!

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  2. I follow you on Facebook and Pinterest. Thank you for the giveaway!

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  7. I follow you on EVERYTHING!!! I have always loved your blog and recipes, the family does too :) dntbgmeb4cofe@aol.com I can't wait to start hearing of your adventures with culinary school! Best wishes!

  8. I follow you on pinterest and facebook. amyscoe@hotmail.com

  9. I follow you on Facebook. I have 2 cast iron skillets that I haven't used in a long time and need some recipes.Thanks for the giveaway!
    Email: chrisb2763@ gmail.com

  10. #1, Facebook davidl2@troycable.net

  11. This cookbook is great! I have it and love the skillets!

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  18. I selected each and every one. I was hoping to get to go to the Cornbread Festival this weekend - but funds are not going to allow it again this year - we have been a couple of times in the past and enjoyed it. Especially the tour of the Lodge Plant.
    God Bless all who enter and the one that wins - Hope they enjoy trying the new things! rb4cb@aol.com ( I hope this only come out once- didn't look like it posted the first time.)

  19. I followed you on Facebook and I get your emails. I would love to win the skillets because I have two of my mother's skillets (plus two of my own) and would love to have new recipes. pahl@mitchelltelecom.net

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    How about adding some drained whole kernel corn to that cornbread?? :-)

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  26. Hehe... 'twas an emergency question about your sweet potato casserole for thanxgiving day that i ended up following you. luv cast iron, reminds me of the motherland: rustic, wood fired oven, smokey food. Irene Lindquist! seattle62@gmail.com


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